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The mission of GBSAP is to provide children with safe and conflict free access to both parents through supervised visitation and monitored exchange services delivered by competent providers. The Grey Bruce Supervised Access Program exists for the benefit of children who may not have that contact without the support and intervention of a neutral third party. Whether parents are living together or apart, they have a shared responsibility for their children. Most often, children benefit from regular contact with both parents, regardless of the parents' relationship with each other.
In 1992, the Ministry of the Attorney General funded 14 centres across the province. Since that time the Supervised Access Program has been expanded throughout Ontario.

The Salvation Army in Owen Sound is the sponsor organization for the Grey Bruce Supervised Access Program (GBSAP). The GBSAP works in partnership with parents and other community providers to give support to children and families.
Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee is a vital component of the program. It is responsible for providing guidance, support, and visionary thinking to the staff of the program on an on-going basis. Committee members bring a variety of experiences from the community to the table.

The Committee ensures that the program continues to meet the needs of our community. It is the role of the Committee to strategize and advise on improvements of service for the clients within the framework of the Supervised Access Program.
Supervised Access Program
GBSAP staff encourage positive parent and child interaction. During visits, families spend time together under the supervision of staff who are available at all times to assist with matters such as basic parenting tasks, age appropriate activities and answering children’s questions. Group visitation creates a busy, comfortable atmosphere in a setting familiar to most children. Every effort is made to reduce stress for families new to the program including an on-site tour for the children prior to their first visit. Although many referrals begin with the legal community, you do not need a referral to be involved with the program. If you do not have legal counsel or other professional help to arrange visitation please contact the Coordinator at 519-371-5991. The Coordinator will schedule an intake appointment to explain the service and review documents. Visits or exchanges will be scheduled after both family members have completed separate intakes.
There are times when it is not possible for a parent or relative to visit a child without supervision. These families will use this service for the following reasons:
  • difficulty resulting from a separation or divorce
  • reunion of parent and child after a lengthy separation
  • possible threat of harm to a child or adult
  • flight risk
  • parent or relative require assistance with parenting skills
  • inconsistency in visitation schedule
Often when parents separate, they prefer not to have contact with each other. This may occur as a result of unresolved conflict that inhibits the parents’ ability to effectively communicate, or contact may not be possible as a history of abuse exists between two parents. Our exchange program allows parents to “pick up” and “drop off” their children without contact, minimizing the difficulties that may occur when parents meet for visitation.

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